i’ve been a bad blogger

I admit, my blogging skills have been lacking. I’m trying to keep up with all of my amazing clients and just haven’t wanted to get away from editing to blog.  But alas, I’m back! I just had to share this family, these images speak for themselves and just how much fun we had on that rainy morning.

Gorgeous family!

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spring mini session success!

Thank you to all of my wonderful families for braving the cold and enjoying some time in front of my camera. I really couldn’t ask for better clients, you all are awesome! Check out the link below to see some sneaks of what we got, and while you’re there go ahead and ‘like’ me!

spring mini sneak peeks!

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mother’s day!

Not only was this family as nice and fun to work with as they are photogenic,  but the mom said all she wanted for mother’s day was some great family images. Now that’s my kind of mom right there! Obviously then, the pressure was on for me to get just what she wanted and they made it pretty easy for me. Darling little E was a doll and so fun to play around with and to photograph. Thank you E family for a great morning, I was so thankful for the weather we had! And L… I hope these are just the kind of photos you were hoping for.

I was pretty excited that one of my favorite captures of the day just happened to be a mother daughter shot, how gorgeous are these two!?

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mini session – 5 years!

I’ve had the pleasure of photographing this cutie and her equally adorable family for quite a while now, they have quite the soft spot in my heart. This time to celebrate M turning FIVE we were able to have a shoot just about HER! I loved it and had such a great time. Mini sessions are such a great way to get some one on one time to capture a special occasion!

Thanks Miss M, you are such a sweet little lady!

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Meet what I’m going to go ahead and refer to from here on out as the “cutest family ever”. Their love for this little guy was beaming and I loved capturing just that. Being as the mama is a photographer herself the whole family knew how important capturing great images are and just how to achieve that, making my job pretty darn easy.  Even this little guys at less than a year old knew exactly what to do, and pretty much smiled on cue. Thank you P family for a great evening, hope you enjoy your sneak peek!

..and let’s end with a personal favorite of mine

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the s trio

Love this family! I was super excited with some of these shots that we got on this somewhat cold spring morning. Can’t say enough about these kids and how great they always are for me and the camera. I hadn’t gotten my camera on the littlest one since she was about a week old, so the focus was on her but I couldn’t forget about those other two gorgeous kiddos. Thank you S family, enjoy the sneak peek!

I just had to capture these squeezable, kissable rolls!

and just look at gorgeous oldest sis

love this next one

and last but not least, we of course can’t forget about this handsome almost kindergarten-er!

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my sister becomes a mrs.

Tear! I’ve been waiting for this shoot since my soon to be bro in law Brandon popped that enormous diamond ring on my little sister’s finger. I’m so (times a million) happy for them and as you can see in these photos, was blown away by their love for each other in front of the camera and the photogenic-ness of how they showed it. Brandon is already like a little brother to me and I just adore watching how in awe he is over my sister.  Love both of you guys, can’t wait for the big day!

…and now, the sneak peek of the century: (apologies in advance for the large amount of images you are about to be subjected to)

Meet Summer + Brandon, the soon to be newlyweds and future Glamour mag models perhaps?

favorite alert!

can I have a canvas of this next one for my house?

This next series is SO THEM.

I must stop for now, I can barely help myself. Thanks for the fun evening ‘aunt sissy and uncle brandon’, can’t wait for your big day!

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mother and daughter

These two beauties were so much fun, and little A did a great job cooperating for me and the camera. We were so proud of her! I loved capturing the mother/daughter bond between them, what a lucky little girl and what a lucky mommy!

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little lady’s 1st birthday!

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just one

While finishing up editing this session for the gorgeous blue eyed babe I just had to stop and share one with you. Just love the quietness about this image. Mother daughter love, just look how comfortable little girl feels in her mothers arms. siiiigggghhh

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