Month: July, 2010

cute times two – cade turns one!

I secretly especially love to photograph this family because not only are these kids model material gorgeous, they are my life 6 months in advance. Mama K gives me great advice and makes me all giddy and excited about what’s in store for me..except for the rough and tumble boy part (well, that just scares me!) Happy Birthday Cade, your smile and eyes that sparkle just make my heart absolutely melt, right along with your sister who is officially my model posing bud and just the sweetest big sister around. Thanks A family, enjoy your sneak peek – I have plenty more where these came from!

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So it was kind of a huge deal when this mama asked me to snap some pics of her twin girls. It’s been something that I’ve been hoping I would have the chance to do and finally my dream was a reality! Well first of all, we happened to just pick the hottest day of the year. So sweat and all we raced against time as the sky was turning dark and onlookers were warning us of the major storm approaching. I think we captured some great images and were just starting to have some fun playing around before the city alarms starting going off and we ran for shelter! Good thing I work quick :) Thanks H family for letting me photograph your beautiful kiddos. It was truly a dream!!

We started it off just a bit shy…wow, look at those eyes. 1-web

But that didn’t last long, we were buds in no time.







They may or may not be up to something here.



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it’s that time of year again. really? ok, not really.

It’s hot, humid, sunny and…well, the middle of the summer.  The last thing we are probably thinking about is holiday photos. Not anymore! Announcing my holiday mini marathon sessions.  Contact me with questions or to book your spot, hurry they are going to go fast!

For all of you that would rather wait (hi all of you procrastinators out there!) I’m also contemplating having another holiday mini session date towards the end of October as well, so keep checking back for that possibility!



It’s been a while since I have had the privilege of photographing a soon to be mama. How lucky did I get when this gorgeous one asked me to get some shots of her and her equally beautiful family, I almost jumped off my computer chair!  Thank you L family for being so perfect in front of the camera, I couldn’t have asked for better subjects.  I’m so very excited for your family on the addition of the new little man that will be making his appearance very soon! Enjoy this sneak peek, doesn’t this soon to be mama of two look incredible?


Um yes, she has amazing hair…and gorgeous skin, and great style, etc. etc. Jealous!




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day 8

Meet Kellen, and look at all of that hair! This little man was a dream to photograph, he was so tiny and so sleepy and obviously SO gorgeous! Thank you so much K family, I had such a great morning with you guys and watching your new little family.

He even smiled for me! Told you he was a dream!


I LOVE this next image, I can’t decide if I like it better in color  or black and white.





Can’t you just feel the love in this family picture? And, how amazing does this mama look 8 days postpartum? Jealous!


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mini session success!!

Thank you to all of my wonderful families for being so flexible and patient with me (well, mostly with the darn weather) as we finally got all of our mini sessions in after a few weeks of rainy reschedules. I had an absolute blast, I got to meet some wonderful and adorable new families as well as see some familiar faces again (familiar, only more grown up..tear!!). I loved working with each and every one of you and am honored that you let me capture these times in your family’s lives.

I can’t thank you enough for the success of these mini session marathons. I’ve had SO much interest in them that I’m thinking I just might have to have them way more often! (e-mail me if you’d like to see me have another mini sessions marathon soon and if there’s enough interest then your wish is my command!)

Ok, enough with the sap story…here is just a small sneak peek of what we captured!


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