Month: September, 2010

’tis the season!

The senior season that is! I’m having a blast meeting and photographing all of these seniors from the class of 2011. This one below was a tad bit different for me. I’ve know this kid, ack…young man I should say, for quite a long time and some people would even consider me his aunt. No joke! I was honored to be able to capture these images for him and am so proud of him and his decision to serve our county. Thanks for being such a great sport for this session, Nick.  Your mom and I were right, you do look incredibly dreamy!

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Meet this gorgeous senior, what a photogenic beautiful young woman who knows how to work the camera! Not only is she sweet, fun, beautiful and tons of fun to be around…she even brought along a team of people to be at my disposal all evening. Each of whom where just as wonderful as her! Such a FUN FUN session for me and I’m loving the results so far.

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the p fam

The mama of this gorgeous family and I go way back, and it’s so SO much fun to get our kiddos together to play when they are back in town.  During their visit this time we put her perfect little fam of four in front of the camera and had a great time! It was so great seeing you guys and getting to spend some time with you before you left. Can’t wait for your next visit!

I adore this one, I didn’t even tell little A to put her leg like that. Totally unprompted, SUCH a girlie girl!

Hug or headlock? You decide :)

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happy 1st birthday!

1 year old kiddos are probably one of my top 5 favorites to photograph. I love their budding little personalities and watching the bond they have  that’s already so strong with their parents. This little just turned one year old stole my heart with those eyes, and those eyelashes! How could you NOT swoon over him! We had a great session and finished up with a 1st birthday cake smash which was a hoot to watch. By the way, nice bakin’ skills mama! I had to sit there and smell that cake and frosting while shooting, and couldn’t help but follow after Colin and take a big handful of cake myself at the end! Enjoy your sneak peek B family, thanks for having me!

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amelia meet ‘aunt heidi’

There’s nothing I love more than newborns, especially when that newborn belongs to my good friend! I am just over the moon happy, excited, and emotional about this gorgeous new family of three. Millie’s mama and I go way back and I just couldn’t wait to get my camera on this gorgeous little girl.  Thank you for the fun morning S family, and Millie…let me know when you want to go shopping for that new dress for being such a good sleepy girl during our shoot!

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meet sam

Oh the sweet, sweet feeling of meeting a newborn and getting to see the new family interact.  You can just sense how much exploding love there is around this little tiny little baby, it makes me all sappy! Meet Sam, so very handsome at 9 days old.  I had such a great time cuddling with him,  I didn’t want to leave. Thanks L family, I can not WAIT to capture these moments for you during the first year of his life!

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How have I been so lucky as to have gotten two of the most gorgeous and photogenic 18 month olds in a row? Little Rylee absolutely melted my heart from the moment I met her! It brought me back to the days of my daughter being that age, I loved it and didn’t want to put my camera down. Check out these eyes, as you can see I went a little crazy with my sneak peek as I just couldn’t pick my favorites. I have images upon images from this session that I’m simply in love with. Enjoy your sneak peek S family and thank you for meeting so bright and early and being such a joy.

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