So it was kind of a huge deal when this mama asked me to snap some pics of her twin girls. It’s been something that I’ve been hoping I would have the chance to do and finally my dream was a reality! Well first of all, we happened to just pick the hottest day of the year. So sweat and all we raced against time as the sky was turning dark and onlookers were warning us of the major storm approaching. I think we captured some great images and were just starting to have some fun playing around before the city alarms starting going off and we ran for shelter! Good thing I work quick :) Thanks H family for letting me photograph your beautiful kiddos. It was truly a dream!!

We started it off just a bit shy…wow, look at those eyes. 1-web

But that didn’t last long, we were buds in no time.







They may or may not be up to something here.



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