nine months!

Oh, Brecken. How I love photographing your cute little face. I can’t believe that this little man, that I first got my camera on when he was about a week old,  is going to be turning one year old before we know it! We did a little mini shoot inside to celebrate his 9 month mark, and are saving the big shoot for his first birthday! Here are some of my favorites…

This next pic is a super fav, look at him look at his mommy.  Can’t you just FEEL the love and adoration in his eyes just from this look!? This is the kind of look that we get from our children that make us moms swoon.  I think it’s SO important to capture those looks!

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meet jaxon – 13 days new

Remember that gorgeous pregnant girl that I blogged about a couple of weeks ago? Well, Jaxon has arrived! (and don’t you just love his name?) I got to meet this less then 2 week old cutie and oh what a sweetheart he was. Such a perfect mix of his mom and dad. I just loved watching them interact and love on their new son. What a blessed little guy to have such great parents! Thanks V family for letting me be a part of this amazing time, I loved every minute of it! Enjoy your sneak peek…

Those lips!

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gorgeous blue eyed babe

Ah, the joys of having a little girl! This little sweetheart let her mommy and I dress her up, put her in a bucket and even kept her cutesy little headband in! All in the name of a great picture. Thank you A family for a fun morning, here is just a sneak peek of what we got, hope you love ‘em!

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spring mini sessions!

UPDATE! I have an unexpected last minute opening at 12:30 for my mini session marathon this Saturday the 14th.  It’s going to be a FUN location, email me at with questions or to grab the spot!

Some of my awesome clients have already been asking what I have in store as far as mini’s go for the spring..ask and you shall receive! Email me quick if you are interested in a prime time, as those are the quickest to go. Can’t wait to get outside again…can’t wait for SPRING!

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meet claire

How cute are these guys? This family melted my heart as did sweet little baby Claire, and I was so very impressed with how big brother (just 26 months old) was doing with his new baby sister. He was such a sweetheart! I can’t wait to photograph her through her first year and capture the brother/sister bond of these two gorgeous kiddos. Welcome beautiful little Claire and congrats C family!

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I am so very excited for this soon to be family of three. I have the privilege of getting to photograph this babe throughout his first year and I just can’t wait! Look how awesome this mama looks with just three weeks (or less?) to go. Thanks for the great morning shoot you guys, I thoroughly enjoyed it and can’t wait to meet this little boy!

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a fav fam of mine

Not only have I known this mama since before I was born, we’ve grown up together and then reconnected when we realized how much our lives have in common! I’m so honored that I was able to photograph my friends’ family before they moved cross country, poor little Claire wasn’t too excited about me photographing her though. That just means another reason to get my camera on you guys again when baby #3 arrives!

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gift certificates!

In honor of “Cyber Monday” I’m offering a great deal on gift certificates to use towards your session with me in 2011!

On Monday 11/29 only,  get 25% off gift certificates!
Any amount available, to use towards your session fee and or digital files!

Contact me at for questions or to purchase. Give it as the perfect gift, or keep it for yourself!

Happy Holidays, thanks for making this such a great year.

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what i’ve been up to.

Taking a breather to show you a little sneak of what I’ve been up to, it’s been just a bit busy.  It’s been a blast though! Here is just a small sample of all of the great clients I’ve gotten to work with. I feel so blessed to a.) get to do what I totally love and b.) to seem to have the nicest, most amazing families find me.  Time to show them off, and there will be more to come including some amazing seniors, mini sessions and the cutest 1st birthday outfit you’ve ever seen!

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What a pleasure meeting and photographing this family and sweet little girl. She was so interested in everything around her and I just adored watching her take it all in and enjoy every minute of being at a new place. I love the curiosity of little ones this age and take such a joy in photographing their little personalities as they act out childhood at it’s best. Enjoy your sneak peek G family, thanks for a great evening!

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